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PsyRadio Progressive

Finest Electronix On Web

We are an independant online radiostation streaming psychedelic stuff onto 4 different music channels, 24 hours a day, commercial free. The webradio was founded in Germany in 2004 and moved to Uruguay in 2007. From 2015 on we are in a permanent travelling flux all over the world.

Programas y Locutores

Ticon - Maestro Let the Drums Begin, Brujo's Bowl - Techno Trousers, Eat Static - Qedarite, Sunstryk - Hungaryan fox, Timelock - Disconnected, LovPact - Moksha

Frecuencias FM

  • Montevideo : Online


Página web: http://www.psyradio.fm/

Dirección: Montevideo, Uruguay

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